Convert html page to mobi


Sometimes I want to read webpage on my kindle. There are many pictures and source code blocks on this. What can you do? You can print webpage as pdf, but this is not good idea, because you cannot scale such document on kindle. Mobi is better file format so there must be better option and indeed is.


Amazon provides little program called kindlegen, which could convert html, epub and some other formats to another and there is mobi. You have to save webpage with all css files and images somewhere on your disk. You could do this for example with Google Chrome, just push CTRL+S and select place. Now you should have html file and directory name like your html file without extension, but with _files suffix. For example I have download this webpage on my desktop and I have file Przybysz Dominik TechBlog.html and Przybysz Dominik TechBlog_files directory.
To use kindlegen you need all css and image files placed in the same directory as html file, so all local links from html files have to have deleted prefix describing directory. For example I have deleted ./Przybysz Dominik TechBlog_files/ from all src atributtes and moved html file to directory with other files.
Now you could use kindlegen:
kindlegen Przybysz\ Dominik\ TechBlog.html -o blog.mobi
Now your mobi file is ready to be placed on you kindle.


With one simple program you could convert any webpage to mobi format and read it on your kindle.

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